“Lee’s presentation to the New England City Clerks Association in 2013 was dynamic, energetic and fun. She was able to engage the audience immediately and kept our interest and strong participation for the three hour session; no small task in a large room of almost 200 people. Attendees commented the session was one of the best they have heard in several years and felt they were able to connect with Lee personally. They were impressed with how very personable Lee was and her warmth and sincerity shone through immediately. It was a real pleasure hearing Lee’s presentation, and it most definitely was a conference highlight.” Kathy Montejo, Lewiston City Clerk

“Captivating an audience after a long day of work and a robust dinner is one of the greatest challenges for a speaker. Lee not only captivated my audience in a spirited manner, but she also provided valuable and practical tools and left the audience wanting more. Lee’s energy is felt off-stage as well; she exudes professionalism in preparation and planning, ensuring the accuracy of every last detail. She makes my job easier and charms my audiences.”
Tanya Kolonoski, Executive Director, Center for Financial Training & Education Alliance

"Lee Ann Szelog is the consummate professional – warm, personable, reliable, and clear in all of her interactions. She practices what she preaches, consistently demonstrating exceptional human relations, respect and personal pride." Suzanne Miller, Quarry Hill Retirement Community

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Described by audience members as "the best presenter we have ever had."

Enjoy this video that includes a variety of Lee's messages.

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"You can tell from the accolades and the awards that Lee has become an accomplished facilitator and educator, and she now helps many businesses in Maine and beyond maximize the potential of their human resources." Laurie Bouchard, LBouchard & Associates, LLC.

"Lee has proven to be an excellent partner for our organization, augmenting the educational programs we offer in a commendable manner."  Tanya Kolonoski, Executive Director, Northern New England Center for Financial Training

"My retirement community has been so pleased with Lee’s presentations that we have already contracted with her to do staff development training with our employees to further improve the quality of their interactions with our residents."  Suzanne Miller, RN,BSN,CCM, Quarry Hill Retirement Community


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About Lee Ann Szelog

Lee Ann SzelogFrom living in a lighthouse on the Maine coast to a log cabin in the Maine woods, professional speaker and award-winning author, Lee Ann Szelog transforms her dreams into reality, embraces the simple pleasures of life and helps others pursue their goals with purposeful communication. At the age of 7 Lee had her first serendipity, although she didn't realize it at the time; she was extremely shy and decided she wanted to overcome her fear of communicating. Since then she challenged herself every day to speak up, write and conduct presentations and overcome her fears. Her persistence paid off; after enjoying a successful 28-year career as a marketing and training executive, Lee founded Simply Put, specializing in presentations to help people communicate more effectively and live life rather than react to it. She works with companies and organizations of all sizes, focusing on developing and engaging employees to achieve their maximum capacity, personally and professionally. Although she works with many different audience demographics, she has a particular fondness for the mature market and delights in the joy that comes from delivering the presentations she has developed especially for them about legacies and wisdom. She credits her affection and high regard for the senior market to the positive influence her grandmother had on her throughout her life. Lee realizes how much seniors can enrich our lives and appreciates the opportunity to work with and learn from them, and be inspired by them. Lee views our elderly population as a gift of wisdom from which we can all benefit.

Striving to achieve her maximum capacity, Lee also works with her husband, Tom, using their words and his professional photographs to inspire people. From living in a lighthouse on the coast of Maine to a log cabin in the Maine woods they have documented life, human and wild, in two quintessential Maine homes. The result is the publication of two award-winning books by Down East Books titled, Our Point of View-Fourteen Years at a Maine Lighthouse, featuring Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine, and By a Maine River – A Year of Looking Closely, which explores the natural beauty found in their own backyard. Their current and most ambitious project is the Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project, which provides inspiration, education, and motivation, through photographs and words, to encourage society to work together in the spirit of cooperation to create the Maine Woods National Park for the benefit of nature, wildlife, our planet and all mankind.

“I can’t believe that’s the same little girl who used to hide behind me and suck her thumb.” Anna Guesman, Lee’s Mom

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